San Jose Mercury News: "Climate change should be top tech topic with Trump"

Climate.MBA’s Founder Felix Kramer’s San Jose Mercury-News OpEd in Silicon Valley’s hometown paper on December 9 said: "This month, corporate executives who get the urgency of climate change are at a life-defining moment. Will they speak  honestly, bravely, publicly? They can try to get through to Trump to say the risks are too great; we must keep our commitments and momentum to protect our futures." Read more at "Climate change should be top tech topic with Trump" and see his reactions afterwards in the Comments.


Could You & Other MBAs Reach Trump on Climate’s Urgency?

Climate.MBA has launched to activate students, alumni, faculty, and administrators in Americas 700 business schools. The goal? To start talking about the business and other consequences if the U.S. delays or derails strong action on climate change.

Business voices have a shot at getting through to the Trump transition team and incoming appointees on this single most important issue. (Donald Trump is a businessman; Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr. both have MBAs.) We hope this approach will break through preconceptions, energize thousands, and encourage growing numbers of C-level executives to go beyond Business As Usual.

Our plan: sign up conveners among the 150,000 business students to organize and promote Emergency Climate Teach-Ins and send an Open Letter on Climate to decision-makers. The theme: “What will our country do about climate in 2017?” Read more details at Specifics.

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To start, a quick summary on Donald Trump & climate change

Donald Trump and his three children all signed a business open letter in December 2009 before the Copenhagen climate summit, urging measures to control climate change. (He backtracked only months later.) At the close of the November 2016 Marrakesh climate talks, other countries began to push back, on the possibility that the U.S. could become the world’s climate holdout. And meeting with the New York Times on November 22, Trump discussed climate at length in ways that were interpreted differently by many people.  (End of Post)