Can MBAs Reach Trump on Climate’s Urgency?

TO ALL IN THE MBA COMMUNITY: students + alumni + faculty + administrators who want to avert a potentially disastrous turning point:

What will our country do about climate in 2017? Our voices have a chance to break through to Donald Trump and people around him to head off plans to adopt climate-denying policies. We will focus on: 

  • 1. The ClimateMBA idea: MBA communities can organize and promote Emergency Climate Teach-Ins at business schools across the country, and send an Open Letter on Climate to decision makers. That means Donald Trump and appointees, Republicans in the 115th Congress, large U.S. corporations and their business associations, and Republican/conservative think tanks. 
  • Our message in the Teach-Ins starts with: Climate change threatens national security, our safety, health, and business prosperity. The rest of the world expects the U.S. to lead as renewable technologies fuel the next economic boom with non-exportable jobs
  • 2. The Corporate Climate Profile idea: students at a business school can pick one or several nearby companies with large facilities or workforces to research their views and actions on climate change, and the adequacy of their responses to the business risks of climate change. The team can manage a broader crowd-sourced effort, assembling information on an independent wiki, and presenting results publicly to the community and the companies.

Why MBAs? HEC_PAris_Crop_sm.jpgMany people in our community recognize the urgency, risks, and opportunities of the climate challenge. Our institutions and people shape how societies use energy. Our expertise can identify policies and pathways to prosperity and  to preserve a livable climate for us all. And we know it could be catastrophic if we delay or derail current plans to transition the global economy.

Why might they listen? Many figures in the administration have MBAs; Donald Trump has an economics BA, and Donald, Jr. and Ivanka have MBAs — all from Wharton. The nearly 20 members of the new "President's Strategic and Policy Forum" can be influenced too.

Now is the time! To have impacts before directions and policies are fixed, we have no choice but to move fast. Can YOU make time to help now? See ideas for a Teach-In agenda and the Corporate Profiles idea at Specifics.

  • Calling all climate-concerned MBA students! Not next year, not when you graduate. How about a competition: Who can be first to form a working group, set a Teach-In date; hold an event?
  • Calling all climate-concerned MBA alumni, faculty, and administrators! Your institutions have a business and a moral obligation to act on what you know! 

Choices — Climate-is-our-business-sm.jpgsome that can’t be reversed until it’s too late — will soon made about the world’s future pathways.  Will you join an urgent campaign to make our voices heard? Our voices haven’t been heard enough.  See these pages:

  • Details of the Teach-In and the Corporate Profile ideas at Specifics.
  • At Partners Net Impact's call to its chapters to host events (others to come).
  • At First Movers (soon) see who’s in the race to be first with an event. 
  • Volunteer to be a convener/participant at one school or a project coordinator. 
  • Support to endorse and donate.